Photographer’s assistant


What makes a great photography assistant? Well, I have two go to people. One is my daughter, though she does not chose to follow in my foot steps of becoming a master photographer, she has the skills, eye and patience to be a great one. I call her the child whisperer. My little clients love her, I often wonder is it the hair??? Whatever it may be, people like her and that makes me a proud mother. We work well together, she pays attention to detail, follows direction and not afraid to give me ideals. She commands the attention of my clients and help makes them feel comfortable during the shoot.


I also have Mr Robert. My mentor. I am grateful when he makes the time to come on a shoot with me. When he’s around you know you are going to get great results. He’s an expert in lighting, photoshop and lightroom. trgstudio He teaches classes in Tampa and has taught me everything I know. So to have him assist me in a session is Awesome. I always learn something new and we have a great time. Not only does he bring his expertise in photography, he brings his interesting sense of humor and a life lesson or two…well he’ll make you say hmmmmmmm. Trust me, there’s humor behind that serious look.

Thanks to both of you for assisting me with this corporate headshot session with Brown and Brown Insurance at Curtis Hixon Park. It was a great three day session.



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