Christian Webb workshop


I want to give a “Shout Out” to Christian Webb, an outstanding NYC photographer who orchestrated a great actors headshot workshop in Atlanta last weekend. It was a great opportunity to learn hands on how to get that cinematic look that I love in his work. I’m always up for learning new technics so I packed up and flew to Atlanta. It was DOPE (as he would say) It was a bonus that Christian was such a class act guy. Loved his humor and the honest straight up talk, no chaser. It was a great experience, everyone in his crew was so professional and on top of their game. It was a comfortable environment so everyone felt free to ask question.  The hands on shooting portion really helped.  Above is my favorite image that I made from the workshop. DOPE if I say so myself.

Thanks Christian for the tools, advice, real talk, technics and guidance. Looking forward to shooting DOPE actors headshot in Tampa Florida.

So to all my Tampa actors and actresses, email me at for your Dope headshot session  :o)




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